Bringing Hope

Because cold noses & warm hearts deserve a LIFETIME of love

What We Do

To some, they’re property…to others, they’re animals…but, for US…they’re family! And just as we would never abandon any other family member to fend for themselves, our pets deserve nothing less.

“PETS” falls so short of describing their roles in our lives – our confidants, our life long companions, our unending source of unconditional love. Shouldn’t our love and support for them be that too?

Through our financial, community networking and volunteer efforts, Hattie’s Hope Foundation will provide transportation, medical care, adoption coordination, rescue support and homes. Hattie and her animal lover owners, Judith and Cutter, are dedicated to making this cause a reality by supporting local partners and shelters in the animal and human communities.


From Rescue support to aiding local shelters, the first step is often one of protection.


We will raise public awareness, provide scholarships and educate families as advocates for pets.


Hattie’s Hope finds forever homes for loved pets, whatever that process needs to be.


From Medical care to Adoption coordination and transportation, extensive support is here.


You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.


The Future

In the future Hattie’s Hope Foundation plans to run a “Pets & Vets (veterans) Haven”. Rescued pets have the potential to bring love, comfort and companionship to many. The Pets & Vets focus will involve the acquisition of land and building of “Tiny Houses” where Veterans and shelter pets can come together and enjoy the exchange of love all of us with pets know so well.

Many rescue dogs can be trained as therapy dogs for veterans or people with disabilities. We will work with local professional to provide estate planning to those who want to leave a plan for their beloved pets.